VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition – Night Before

VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition – Night Before

Well its the night before the VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition program starts. A lot of people have been working behind the scenes to make it happen. The Names tags have all been created. The NDA forms have all been created, ready to be signed. The Speakers have all been re-confirmed. The Guest have all flown in from around the USA to attend the VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition. Pure Storage is ready with their equipment. Only one guest has had a major flight delay.

Welcome VMware




As you can see below, they are making sure all the equipment is working.

VMware Expert Database Last Check






Don Sullivan who is the mastermind behind this Expert Database Workshop program is working late making sure everything is ready. No detail is too small for Don. He is making some final check, before he goes to greet the guest.

VMware Expert Database WorkShop Don Sullivan






This is the 3rd Expert Database Workshop program I have attended. Working behind the scenes has given me a real appreciation for just how much work happens to pull this off. Can’t wait till tomorrow for it all to begin.

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