VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle Edition With Pure Storage

VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle Edition With Pure Storage

VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition

One of the best industry programs I have ever participated is the VMware Experts Database workshop Program. This is where VMware teams up with a Storage Vendors like Pure Storage or Tintri and bring in Database Experts for a look under the covers and even allows them to get their hands dirty. The first two workshops I participated workshops focused on Microsoft SQL Server.

You don’t have to take my word for how good this program is, read some of the participants quotes in the blog articles below. You can also watch the ?VMware Expert Database Workshop for SQL Server Video?if you prefer.

Pure Storage

VMware Experts Database Workshop Oracle Edition teams up with Pure Storage this year. If your not familiar with Pure Storage and you care about database performance you should be. I am a real fan of Pure Storage array and also of the company stock. Pure Storage went public less than a year ago and it can be still be had for reasonable money.

In the VMware Expert Database Workshop SQL Server Edition we had a room full of Microsoft SQL Server MVP’s and the Pure Storage array easily dealt with every thing the group of Microsoft SQL Server MVP’s threw at it.

Awesome Line Up of Topics & Speakers for VMware Expert Database Workshop Oracle Edition with Pure Storage

Here is some of the Agenda and who is presenting.

  • Labs Intro & ?The Basics of vSphere and the SDDC for Oracle? ? Sudhir Balasubramanian
  • Executive Welcome – Pure Storage – Matt Kixmoeller, VP of Products Pure Storage
  • UnixToVirtualLinux(U2vL) Program- VLSS ? Dean Bolton
  • vSphere Core Networking – NSX & VCNS ? Francois Tallet
  • vMotion, The Decoupling of the server and the host – Sreekanth Setty
  • Oracle on vSphere High Performance ? Reza Tehari
  • Executive Address – The CPBU ? Mark Lohmeyer
  • Global Support Services Oracle Team Matt Scott and Ning Bell.
  • Pure Storage – A Technical Overview ? Ravi Venkat and Avi Nayak
  • vRealizeAutomation and Oracle – Jad El-Zein and Mohan Potheri
  • Modern Converged Storage & VSAN ? Rawlinson Rivera
  • Disaster Recovery in a vSphere Infrastructure ? GS Khalsa
  • vSphere Core vCPU & Memory – Seongbeom Kim and Mark Achtemichuk
  • VMware Executive Welcome ? VMware Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger
  • UnixToVirtualLinux(U2vL) Program – House of Brick ? Dave Welch
  • Pure Storage – Technical Storage Presentation ? Somu Rajarathinam, Pure Storage

How Can You Participate in Future Events

As great as the lineup of speakers is, the participants are even better. Many of them are very active in the oracle community. I would highly recommend that you take the time to join the VMSIG.


Joining the VMSIG is as easy as signing up for the VMSIG Blog updates. We are still working in how to automatically sign you up for a free membership in the IOUG at the same time. ?I would also encourage you to get active in the Independent Oracle Users Group.

Independent Oracle Users Group

The VMSIG?is just one of many Special Interest Groups (SIGS) you can join at the IOUG. Many of the participants of this Workshop were chosen because of their activities in the community. For this program we are looking for Oracle Experts who are active in their communities or Social Media. We want them to share what they learn from participation in the workshop.

VMware Expert Database Workshop Past Editions

Here are some links I have created to some other VMware Database Workshop I have attended and written about:

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