Day 3 WMware Experts Program Ireland

Day 3 VMware Experts Program Ireland

Day 3 VMware Experts Program Ireland started with a focus on Licensing the Oracle Database using VMware vSphere are your platform for virtualization. The highlight was learning about Licensefortress. Licensefortress was the most comprehensive license service I have ever seen. It included real time monitoring of your Oracle licenses to alert you as soon as you fall out of compliance. If you are audited by Oracle LMS (License Manage Service), Licensefortress provides a money back guarantee backed by Berkshire Hathaway.

Day 3 Oracle Experts Program Ireland

Dean Bolton VLSS

License Fortress from VLSS

Dean Bolton License Fortress
Dean Bolton






There is light at the end of the tunnel, bad news it is?a train

50-70% Oracle revenue last year from database 12-17B per year

In US licensee has burden of proof use of Oracle license was in compliance

License fortress first and only license management service with a financial guarantee

On Oracle Licensing big issue customers do not know what they are using and for how long

Minimum license Oracle will sell is one year

An Oracle LMS Audit is not supposed to disrupt your business operation, you have 3-5 days to respond

They have right to audit Oracle usage, not how it is done. Need to work in good faith


Chris Rohan, VMware Senior Network Virtualization Escalation Engineer

VMware vSphere Core & SDDC – Networking – NSX & VCNS

Chris Rohan
Chris Rohan


Network I/O Control – Virtual Machine Traffic Reservation

Network I/O Control – Network Resource Pool

Virtual Machne Network Adapter Types

  • E1000
  • E1000e
  • SR-IOV (High Performance, loose vMotion)
  • VMXNET3 (We Recommended)

Network Virtualization – Deploying a new server is automated and the network is programmatically ready for you

Benefits of Network Virtualization

  • Security – Inherently Secure Infrastructure
  • Automation – IT as the speed of business
  • Application Continuity (Data Center Anywhere)
  • Abstraction from Physical location/Hardware

IS NSX NV, NFV or SDN? Answer NSX is all of these and none without the others

Major NSX Use Cases

  • IT Automating IT
  • Micro-segmentation
    • DMZ Anywhere
  • Disaster Recovery

Marcus Thordal, Brocade

Brocade and VMware Technology and the VMware Solutions Lab

Marcus Thordal
Marcus Thordal









Legacy Networks were not designed for the digital world

With all flash like Pure Storage its pushing the bottleneck into the network

With Brocade product VM Insight is the ability to see the unique I/O down to the VM Level

Brocade turns data into actionable insights

NVMe is super fast

Brocade NVMe is such a lightweight direct protocol for storage

Data Replication Challenges

  • Latency Impacts performance
  • Packet Loss


Simon Guyennet, VMware Senior Technical Support Engineer EPG, GSS – Emerging Products

VMware Integrated Containers and Oracle

Simon Guyennet
Simon Guyennet


CPBU – vSphere and Friends

Mike Adams Sr Director CPBU

Mike Adams
Mike Adams









Mike Adams discusses Product Walkthroughs

Best way to upgrade vSphere is to upgrade vCenter first

We want to put policies in place like this Oracle Database should always be on the best storage, the best CPU

We are going to take vCenter, vSphere, vSan and NSX and run it on the AWS infrastructure

The AWS Solution will be on Bare Metal

Somu Rajarathinam Pure Storage

Ron Ekins Pure Storage

Oracle, Pure Storage & Devops

Ron Ekins
Ron Ekins









Somu Rajarathinam Pure Storage
Somu Rajarathinam










It’s all about speed

Don’t waste time going back, we are going forward


Attendee on Day 3 VMware Experts program Ireland made the comment “Do you even need Oracle enterprise edition when you are on Pure Storage?

Developers expect self-service

Developers expect smaller frequent releases

Developers need more database copies, quicker refreshes, ?full-size copies


Feidhlim O’Leary VMware Staff Technical?Support Training Specialist

vShere HA + DRS Overview

Feidhlim O'Leary
Feidhlim O’Leary




In vSphere 6 we can protect against virtual machine storage failures

vSphere DRS is not a strict load balancer will only move if there is a net gain

affinity rules keep VM’s together, anti-affinity rules keep VM’s apart @vmware experts program #vmwora

With a manual vMotion a must rule can be overridden, but every five minutes DRS would move it back.

Predictive DRS move workloads based on historic data

Alain ?Geenrits, Blue Medora

Management & Monitoring – Blue Medora and Oracle on vSphere

Alain Geenrits Blue Medora
Alain Geenrits










See everything from where you are

Blue Medora Oracle 350 Oracle Database Metrics @vmware experts program #vmwora

Daniel Hesselink License Consulting

License Audit with License Consulting

Daniel Hesselink
Daniel Hesselink









The Oracle FUD as fake news

On Oracle licensing, Most options and packs are installed by default

Reduce your Risk: Cloud Control Auto Licensing

Read “Understanding Oracle Certification, Support and licensing for VMware Environments” from


Day 1 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition

Day 2 VMware Experts Program Oracle Edition


VMware Experts Program Introduction and History

The VMware Elite Database Workshop Program was started in 2013 as a collaborative effort between the Cloud Platform Business Unit, then referred to as vSphere Product Marketing team and the VMware Global Center of Excellence. The program brings together database and certain applications experts in a variety of database and application disciplines at VMware in Palo Alto (Now globally) to meet with VMware and partner personal from the highest level executives to the engineers who architect the platform and write code. A variety of open discussions and exercises facilitate an intense learning environment leading to the expansion of a broader community of database experts who have extensive knowledge of VMware virtualized infrastructure.

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